Определенный артикль — Definite Article ОТВЕТЫ

Упражнение 1.

1. We arrived at the same time
2. The USA is a great country
3. The sun is shining
4. I found a book. The book was wonderful
5. I want to be a doctor. Because the doctor is a great profession
6. We live on the fifth floor
7. The moon is in the sky
8. Your friend has a dog
9. I called him. He is in the hospital
10. My brother lives in the south of the country

Упражнение 2.

1. The Browns came yesterday
2. Neil Armstrong is the first person at the Moon
3. We planned a trip to the USA in January
4. Her father is an artist
5. Who is the most popular person on the Earth?
6. He eats an apple every day
7. She plays the guitar
8. We live on the second floor
9. The Sun is shining at my window
10. She has three cats. The cats are so beautiful

Упражнение 3.

1. Her young sister is an engineer
2. Paris is the capital of France
3. My elder brother plays the piano
4. Canada is a very big country
5. What is the largest city in German?
6. Your boyfriend is the tallest in the university
7. Your friend lives on the fourth floor
8. The Pacific Ocean is a very deep
9. The Browns invited us at home
10. Lisa is the youngest in her family

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